Does LFOP host special astronomical or celestial events?

I heard there will be an eclipse, blue moon (or some other celestial event) on such-and-such date.  Will the observatory have a special event for this?

We will post details about special events on our public events calendar.  There are a lot of astronomical events that get mentioned on the news that are not best observed at an observatory.  For example, annual meteor showers like the Perseids (August) and the Leonids(November) are best observed in a place where the sky is dark after midnight.  Looking through a telescope doesn’t help you view a meteor shower. We are likely to have special events for lunar or solar eclipses, unusual conjunctions (like the last Transit of Venus), bright comets, etc..  In other words, we are likely to have a special event for celestial events that happen at a specific time and are best viewed through a telescope. Check out our galleries for photos of past events!